Minerals in Starflight

Minerals in Starflight

Starflight, a retro gaming gem, offers players an extraordinary journey through the cosmos. First appearing on platforms like the Sega Genesis, it has maintained its appeal over time and can now be played online through various web browser platforms.

What are MINERALS in Starflight?

In the vast universe of Starflight, MINERALS are a key resource that players need to collect and utilize. They are located on different planets and are used to finance essential upgrades and items for your spacecraft.

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The Role of MINERALS in Gameplay

Players are tasked with surveying unexplored planets and mining for MINERALS, which come in different types and values. The choice of mining locations is strategic and can significantly affect the player’s progression in the game. The accumulated wealth from selling these minerals can be used to purchase ship upgrades, fuel, and equipment necessary for deeper space exploration. Some of the minerals that players can find include:

  • Corbomite: A common and valuable mineral.
  • Endurium: A rare but vital mineral that also serves as fuel for the spacecraft.
  • Tik: A less valuable mineral but frequently found, making it a reliable resource.
  • Yckis: A rare and highly valuable mineral, making it a prized find for any explorer.


The presence of MINERALS in Starflight adds a strategic and rewarding layer to the game. The process of discovering, mining, and selling these resources is a fundamental part of the game’s appeal and contributes to its status as a beloved classic. Whether you’re an old fan looking to relive the thrill or a newcomer eager to dive into the world of retro gaming, Starflight offers an intricate universe to explore right from your web browser.

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